Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No School; it's Missile Day

There is no bound of happiness among children when snow falls from the sky and schools are closed, it's snow day! Parents complain that their routine is interrupted because now they have to make arrangement for the child care so they could to go to work. Most of the kids sit by the windows waiting for the snow to stop so they could go sledding.

What happens when the schools close and it 'missile day'. When it's not the beautiful snow falling from the sky but missiles, when parents are not worried about going to work but worried about saving their young ones, when there is is no sledging other than sledging into bunkers. Missiles were being launched by Gaza into Israel indiscriminately, and they were landing at schools and populated ares. Same way Israel was sending missiles into Gaza killing hundreds, including children. Pictures coming out of Gaza were horrific, wounded children, veiling mothers and helpless grand parents.

Schools were closed on the both side of the border and children were traumatized on both side of the border. Will these children get any therapy and consoling? Will the the adults work towards the lasting peace? When these children look at their missing limbs will they hold the their adults accountable or will they hold grudge for the enemy? These children have deep wounds both physically and emotionally. My fear is that if these children are ignored and they will turn into the new crop of extremists.

We need two State solution, we need the parties to come to the table and work toward peace. Israel is here to stay and no one can will it away. Sooner Palestinians realize that the better it would be for them and the World. Children need to be children where they ran and laugh and not have a care in the World and not worry about the loud blasts that would rupture their ear drums or worse kill them.

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