Tuesday, February 1, 2011

About This Blog

Moderate Muslims need to come forward and condemn terrorism and atrocities committed by Muslims. More Muslims are being killed by Muslims than anyone else. I have dedicated this blog for Muslims to see that it is not West that means them harm and it is not America and Israel, but actually their own followers of Islam who are killing them. Almost 10 million Muslims have been killed at the hands of Muslims. I invite Moderate Muslims around the world to denounce terrorism, the hatred, the killings, the bombings towards themselves and other counties. Stop believing in conspiracy theories and do your own research, and you will find out that your voice need to louder than that of terrorism.

I understand that moderate Muslims in their own counties are afraid to speak out, but what about the Muslims living in the West. Why are they quite and sitting on the fence and turning a blind eye? If they continue to do so they will be swept in the tide of terror themselves. Many Muslims have said that few terrorists have hijacked Islam, but what are they doing to defeat these thugs? I am not asking Muslims to identify themselves as moderates, conservatives or liberals, all I want them to do is speak against the crimes committed on humanity by Muslim terrorists.

Please read the News Tab on this blog and see what kinds of crime are being committed by Muslims. Time to think is long gone, it is time to act and speak up. It is time for us to unite and work towards the peace and harmony for ourselves and others.