Saturday, May 28, 2011

Forty Billion Dollars For Arab Spring

President Sarkozy has proposed a $40 billion aid package for the countries involved in Arab Spring according to Tunisia's finance minister.
"What President Sarkozy announced is a global package of 40 billion dollars for the region. This package has not been broken down by country," Jalloul Ayed told reporters after Arab and African leaders met their G8 counterparts.
Ayed said foreign and finance ministers from the region would meet before July to break down the programme - designed to kick start economic development and anchor democratic reform - in more detail.
Meanwhile leaders of the G8 said that international development banks could give more than $20 billion to Egypt and Tunisia following the revolutions to overthrow dictators in the countries, which AP reports will go towards the $40 billion total.

Another Day Another Bomb Blast In Pakistan

Nawaz Sharif Urge For Revolt In Pakistan

Muslim League-N Mian Nawaz Shatrif has said that the national sovereignty being torn to shreds and prompted a revolt for a change to set things right.

Friday, May 27, 2011

U.S. Gave List of Five Wanted Men To Pakistan

United States gave Islamabad a list of terrorist leaders it wants, officials said.

Pakistan Closes U.S. Military Intelligence Liason Centers

Pakistan has closed three US military intelligence liaison centers in Quetta and Peshawar, a US newspaper reported.

The liaison centers, also known as intelligence fusion cells, in Quetta and Peshawar are the main conduits for the United States to share satellite imagery, target data and other intelligence with Pakistani ground forces conducting operations against militants, including Taliban fighters who slip into Afghanistan.

US special operations units have relied on the three facilities, two in Peshawar and one in Quetta, to help coordinate operations on both sides of the Pakistan and Afghan border, senior US officials said. The U.S. units are now being withdrawn from all three sites, and the centers are being shut down.

The decision has not affected the CIA's ability to launch missiles from drone aircraft in northwest Pakistan. U.S. Secretary of state Clinton is visiting Pakistan to smooth relations between the two countries which are all time low. Anti American sentiment is all time high and people of Pakistan want United States to leave it alone.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Iraqis Want United States To Leave


Thousands of followers of Moqtada al-Sadr staged a mass rally in Baghdad on Thursday against US forces, as Iraqi leaders consider asking for an extended American troop presence.

Waves of men wearing black trousers and caps chanting the words "I am Iraqi", marched in military-style formation, while others in the rally set fire to American and Israeli flags.

"We will not accept even one American soldier staying," said Adnan al-Mussawi, one of the demonstrators. "Occupation has not benefited us at all, it is our religious duty to kick out every American soldier."

The demonstrators numbered several thousand according to an estimate, but an official in the Sadrist headquarters in the southern city of Najaf said 100,000 were attending.

Suicide Car Bomb in Hangu Pakistan

A suicide car bomb targeted police in Pakistan’s northwestern town of Hangu on Thursday, killing 32 people and wounding more than 30 others, police said.

War Crime Fugitive Ratko Mladic Arrested For Murdering 8300 Muslims

Ratko Mladic, the Bosnian Serb general accused of overseeing the worst massacre in Europe since World War 11 has been arrested, Serbian authorities said Thursday.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Small Plane Crash In India Kills 10

A small plane crashed into a residential area outside India's capital New Delhi late on Wednesday, killing at least 10 people, local television said.

How Many Pakistanis Have Died in Terror Attacks Since 2003

Thirty four thousand Pakistanis have died in terrorist attacks since 2003, this according to American and Pakistanis officials. We have complied a list of some of the these attacks.

Pakistan Safe For Cricket amidst Terrorism

Pakistan’s cricket chief insisted Wednesday that his country is safe enough to host international matches, saying the current tour by lowly-ranked Afghanistan sends a positive message to the world.

Khalida Khan from Pakistan Chosen as Next President of ICT for Rwanda

Judges on the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda have chosen Khalida Rashid Khan from Pakistan as the next courts President.Khan 61, will assume her new duties Friday, replacing Dennis Byron, who will finish his second two-year term as president of the Tanzania-based tribunal on Thursday.
The ICTR was established by a UN Security Council resolution in November 1994 to investigate and try the individuals suspected of being the main architects of the 1994 genocide against ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus.
Khan, who joined the court in August 2003 and has served as vice president since May 2007, is the second woman appointed to the president’s chair.

Lost Pyramids Found In Egypt

Lost Pyramids Found In Egypt

12 Million Girls Aborted In India

In Indian families in which the first child has been a girl, more and more parents with access to prenatal ultrasound testing are aborting a second female in the hope that a subsequent pregnancy will yield a boy, said the study, published in The Lancet.

Naval Base Attack In Pakistan

Naval Base attack In Pakistan

Commander of Naval Air Base Karachi, Pakistan removed

Commander of Naval Air Base removed after it took 17 hours to quell a Taliban attack on the base that killed 10 security personnel and two U.S. made aircrafts.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blast In Peshawar, Pakistan

At least 14 people were injured in a powerful blast occurred near CID police station at University Road in the wee hours of Wednesday, Geo News reported.

The Lost Generation Of Pakistan Army Wikileaks

United States Ambassador Ms Patterson had been working to dramatically increase IMET opportunities for officers and NCOs (Non-Commissioned officers). “We need, in particular, to target the ‘lost generation’ of Pakistan military who missed IMET opportunities during the sanctions years,” Ms Patterson wrote. The reference to the ‘sanctions years’ appears to be to the period following the Pressler sanctions in October 1990 and further tightened after the 1998 nuclear tests.
“The elite of this crop of colonels and brigadiers are receiving biased NDU training with no chance to hear alternative views of the US. Given the bias of the instructors, we also believe it would be beneficial to initiate an exchange program for instructors,” the ambassador noted. Ms Patterson also considered the Pakistani military officials attending a senior course at the NDU to be ‘naïve’ and biased against America.
The cable primarily documents the account of a US army officer, Col Michael Schleicher, who attended a course at NDU. The comments by Col Schleicher partly appear to corroborate the views expressed by Ms Patterson, but in many places also evince a great of naivety about Pakistani society and the security apparatus.
“The senior level instructors had misconceptions about US policies and culture and infused their lectures with these suspicions, while the students share these misconceptions with their superiors despite having children who attended universities in the US or London,” the cable recorded Col Schleicher as having shared with the embassy’s political officer
“One guest lecturer – who is a Pakistani one-star general – claimed the US National Security Agency actively trains correspondents for media organizations. Others thought the CIA was in charge of US media (and that MI-5 was in charge of the BBC). Some [participants] did not believe the US used female pilots overseas; they were convinced female pilots were restricted to flying within US borders.”

Dawn News

Anti American sentiment flourished a lot during sanction years. Pakistan felt developing nuclear bomb was it's right and America unjustly imposed sanctions. People of Pakistan were led to believe that America was a great Satan who along with Jews wanted to eliminate Pakistan. These were also the same years when Shariah Law was imposed in Pakistan and madrasas popped up like mushrooms with Saudi funding.

Nuclear Pakistan Should Fear No One says A.Q. Khan

Atomic scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has advised the rulers of Pakistan that their country is nuclear-armed therefore they should not be afraid of anyone.

Strauss Kahn's Offer Seven Figure Sum To Rape Victim's Family

Friends of Dominque Strauss-Kahn have reportedly contacted the family of the maid he is alleged to have sexually assaulted to pay them to drop the case, according to a US newspaper.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dominique Strauss Kahn's Sperm found on Maid's Dress

DNA sample confirm Dominique Strauss Kahn sperm on maid's dress, according to Telegraph.

Woman arrested For Driving In Saudi Arabia

Dawn News reports, Manal al-Sherif was accused of ”violating public order” and ordered held for five days while the case is investigated.

Mullah Omar Missing from Pakistani Hideout

“We can confirm that he has been disappeared from his hideout in Quetta, Balochistan,” said Nutfullah Mashal, spokesman for the National Directorate of Security.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pakistan military protected Haqqanis Group According to Wikileaks

United States Ambassador Trapped Inside Mission By Loyalists

Witnesses say helicopters in Yemen have airlifted the ambassadors of the U.S., Britain and Gulf Arab nations who were trapped inside a diplomatic mission surrounded by armed loyalists to Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Pakistani beheaded in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia beheaded a Pakistani convicted of killing a fellow citizen in Mecca.

U.S. Would Unilaterally Raid Pakistan Again, says Obama

Reuters is reporting President Barack Obama would approve a new incursion into Pakistan if the United States found another leading militant there, he said in a BBC interview broadcast on Sunday.

Terrorists Attack Karachi Naval Base In Pakistan

3 blasts reported near PAF base Faisal Four people were killed in an armed attack Sunday by terrorists on PNS Mehran, a heavily guarded base of Pakistan Navy, located along Sharea Faisal, according to a foreign news agency.Three explosions were heard according to eye witnesses.

TV images showed flames rising in the air from PNS Mehran where terrorists blew up a US made four-engine P-3C Orion plane of Pakistan Navy.