Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hamas Launches Rockets From Next to Mosques

By Aaron Klein
TEL AVIV – A missile launch site in the Gaza Strip was set up by Hamas just half a block from a mosque and children’s playground, according to aerial photographs provided to KleinOnline by the Israel Defense Forces today.
Israel yesterday carried out a surgical strike of the site in question – a Fajr-5 missile launch pad established in the heavily populated Zeitoun district of Gaza to fire long range rockets into the Jewish state.
The photograph of the launch site, posted above, shows a children’s playground and a mosque located about a half a block away as well as two civilian factories and a gas station also within a half a block radius. Read more

70 targets hit in Gaza

Ofir Gendelman, the Israeli prime minister's spokesperson to the Arab media, said in his twitter account the Israeli army has 'targeted 70 underground pads of medium range rockets in the Gaza Strip.'

Rockets are raining on the both side and innocent people are dying. Businesses are closed and people have hunkered down. The fear is that it can escalate into full blown war as Israeli troops are marching towards the border.