Thursday, December 15, 2011

No compromise to be made on Pak sovereignty: Gilani

Pakistan's Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has been making the same statement over and over again, that no compromise will be made on Pakistan's sovereignty. On hand Pakistan is one of the biggest recipient of US aid on the other hand Gilani on every turn undermines US by telling people of Pakistan that their sovereignty is under attack by America and he will protect them.

We want to keep a log of this statement and see how he is deceiving his people and fueling anti American sentiment. Pakistani do not see a cent of of aid given to Pakistan because it goes to the coffers of corrupt leaders but they do see US as an evil force because Gilani tells them they are under attack by it.

12/21/11  US Must Respect Pakistan's Sovereignty.

12/15/11 No Compromise on Pakistan's Sovereignty.

12/13/11 No Compromise on Pakistan's Sovereignty.

12/6/11  No Compromise on Pakistan's Sovereignty.

If you find these statements please send them to is and we will add them to our list.
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