Monday, April 4, 2011

Pastor Jones Burns Quran by R Maryam

Pastor Jerry Jones burned Quran on March 21, which was not widely reported by the media, and I think that was a very responsible thing to do. Later on March 24, Mr. Karzai condemned the act as “a crime against the religion and entire Muslim nation,” this subsequently sparked deadly rioting in Afghanistan. The message heard by his people probably was that whole of America is burning Quran. In reality it was condemned by most. The act of Mr. Jones was no doubt very reprehensible and so was the reaction. The Muslim World needs to take a deep breath and reflect on their own actions. The Muslim youth has been committing suicide bombing through out the world and killing innocent people. No Muslim leader or country has come forward to condemn such acts, or given Fatwas against it.  On top of that man made Shariah law has also put Islam and Quran under heavy scrutiny.
 In Quran it is said, ‘Allah is Most Gracious, Most Merciful’, and then why Mr. Karzi didn’t emphasize on that instead of inciting his people. The blood of innocent lives killed in Afghanistan is solely on the people who killed them and no was else. It is the leaders of the Muslim World who are preaching intolerance and hatred.
As a Muslim I feel that we need to speak out and let the world know that all of us Muslims are not fundamentalist or extremist, but there are moderate Muslims out there who can and will condemn people like Mr. Karzi.


  1. how america trust Karzi

  2. Karzi and other muslim leaders are the root cause of all the problems in islamic world.