Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nawaz Sharif Urge For Revolt In Pakistan

Muslim League-N Mian Nawaz Shatrif has said that the national sovereignty being torn to shreds and prompted a revolt for a change to set things right.

He urged people of Pakistan to rebel against the status quo.
Addressing a gathering on the eve of Youm-e-Takbeer here, he said that there should be accountability and self-evaluation for moving ahead and added that if you support, then there would be inquiry, accountability and punishment. He said that Abbotabad and PNS Mehran incidents inquiries must be held. He said, “The two May incidents have been fatal, our sovereignty is torn into shreds, while we are being also held accused.”
He said that the "parliament’s resolutions are thrown into the dustbin. Our rulers termed the Abbotabad incident a great victory, the rulers must stop the loot and plunder.”

Nawaz Sharif said that none would be allowed to destroy Pakistan What a mess has been made of Pakistan in twenty years; the economic growth rate has deteriorated as compared to the past, no remedial measures taken for load shedding and the ruination of the industry. Our rupee used to be stronger than the Indian, he recalled. He urged the people to rise and assured them his all out support.

He said, “Despite threats and opposition he went for the nuclear blast and faced the challenges boldly. He said half of the world was with him even in those days, but unfortunately today we stand isolated.

Nawaz Sharif is calling for revolt and revolution where no doubt thousands of innocent Pakistani would die like they are dying now. He is a bitter man who was thrown out of power on corruption charges, and now he has become insignificant, once again any voice coming from Pakistan is irresponsible and playing on the emotions of proud Pakistani. In his rant he forgot to mention that any revolution in Pakistan would be against ISI and Pakistan Army, who would without a doubt crush the protesters.

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