Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Lost Generation Of Pakistan Army Wikileaks

United States Ambassador Ms Patterson had been working to dramatically increase IMET opportunities for officers and NCOs (Non-Commissioned officers). “We need, in particular, to target the ‘lost generation’ of Pakistan military who missed IMET opportunities during the sanctions years,” Ms Patterson wrote. The reference to the ‘sanctions years’ appears to be to the period following the Pressler sanctions in October 1990 and further tightened after the 1998 nuclear tests.
“The elite of this crop of colonels and brigadiers are receiving biased NDU training with no chance to hear alternative views of the US. Given the bias of the instructors, we also believe it would be beneficial to initiate an exchange program for instructors,” the ambassador noted. Ms Patterson also considered the Pakistani military officials attending a senior course at the NDU to be ‘na├»ve’ and biased against America.
The cable primarily documents the account of a US army officer, Col Michael Schleicher, who attended a course at NDU. The comments by Col Schleicher partly appear to corroborate the views expressed by Ms Patterson, but in many places also evince a great of naivety about Pakistani society and the security apparatus.
“The senior level instructors had misconceptions about US policies and culture and infused their lectures with these suspicions, while the students share these misconceptions with their superiors despite having children who attended universities in the US or London,” the cable recorded Col Schleicher as having shared with the embassy’s political officer
“One guest lecturer – who is a Pakistani one-star general – claimed the US National Security Agency actively trains correspondents for media organizations. Others thought the CIA was in charge of US media (and that MI-5 was in charge of the BBC). Some [participants] did not believe the US used female pilots overseas; they were convinced female pilots were restricted to flying within US borders.”

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Anti American sentiment flourished a lot during sanction years. Pakistan felt developing nuclear bomb was it's right and America unjustly imposed sanctions. People of Pakistan were led to believe that America was a great Satan who along with Jews wanted to eliminate Pakistan. These were also the same years when Shariah Law was imposed in Pakistan and madrasas popped up like mushrooms with Saudi funding.

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