Tuesday, May 10, 2011

United States Can Not Sustain $10 Billions a Month On Afghanistan

Senator John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, who heads Senate Foreign relation committee and Richard G. Lugar, Republican of Indiana suggested Tuesday that it was time to rethink the Afghanistan war effort, forecasting the beginning of what promises to be a fierce debate about how quickly the United States should begin pulling troops out of the country.

“We should be working toward the smallest footprint necessary, a presence that puts Afghans in charge and presses them to step up to that task,” Mr. Kerry, said at a hearing. “Make no mistake, it is fundamentally unsustainable to continue spending $10 billion a month on a massive military operation with no end in sight.” Senator Kerry is scheduled to visit Pakistan early next week.

Many members of U.S. Congress also want funding to Pakistan stopped until Pakistan can offer some believable explanation to Bin-Laden's presence in Pakistan. U.S. gives $1.5 billion each year to Pakistan to fight terrorism. In Pakistan several legislators offered prayers for bin Laden during a session of the National Assembly on Tuesday, same was done in the Provincial Assembly of Baluchistan.

According to one report plan for the reduction of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, will shift towards Special Operations Forces over the next three years, leaving 10,000 Special Forces and 20,000 to 30,000 regular troops in Afghanistan after 2014. And the top British officer in Afghanistan, Gen. James Bucknall, urged that the West offer Afghanistan assurances for its security after the planned 2014 withdrawal.

According to CNN boys as young as 11are being brain washed by Mullahs in the Mosques into become suicide bombers and kill American troops. Last month a 12 year old boy blew himself up killing 12 on Afghan, Pakistan border.

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