Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Senator Kerry Going to Pakistan Next Week

Pakistani media is reporting that U.S. Senator John Kerry will visit Pakistan early next week. This would be first trip of any U.S. official after the raid on Bin-Laden's compound in Pakistan.

Asked whether he would press Pakistani leaders on whether officials there knew the Al-Qaeda leader was living 30 miles from an elite military academy for years, Kerry told reporters he would be discussing “all the relevant issues that are on the table, and there are a lot of them.” “We have a huge agenda, we have huge interests that are very important to try to be on track, right, and there’s a lot to discuss.”
“There are some serious questions, obviously, there are some serious issues that we’ve just got to find a way to resolve together. And our interests and their interests I think are well served by working through those difficulties,” he said.
He also said,  “A number of people suggested it would be good to get a dialogue going about the aftermath, and how we get on the right track.” Senator Kerry is one of the few who is defending the U.S.aid to Pakistan, many members of congress want to suspend $1.5 billions marked for Pakistan until they get believable explanation from it's government.

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