Sunday, May 8, 2011

Osama was hiding in Pakistan since 2003, his wife says

Osama bin Laden lived in a small village close to the Abbotabad for more than two years before moving into a larger compound in the Abbotabad in 2005, according to the Osama's wife who is now in Pakistani custody.

She also told investigators that Laden lived with his family for nearly two-and-a-half years in the village of Chak Shah Mohammad, a little more than a mile southeast of the town of Haripur, on the main Abbottabad highway, the New York Times reported quoting two unnamed Pakistani officials.

One of the officials pointed out that this meant that Laden had moved  to Pakistan in 2003. The presence of Pakistan's military academy in Abbottabad made many observers including members of U.S. congress suggest that it was impossible for the army or intelligence officials not to know that Laden was hiding in the vicinity.

"If he was there since 2005, that is too long a time for local police and intelligence not to know," Hassan Abbas, a former Pakistani official now teaching at Columbia University, told New York Times.

The newspaper pointed out that the Obama administration had stopped short of formally accusing Pakistan of some form of complicity in Laden's concealment for over a decade.

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