Sunday, May 8, 2011

Osama-Bin-Laden was Living with Three Wives in Pakistan

President Obama's national security advisor, Tom Donilon, said Sunday that it remained unclear whether Pakistani officials knew of Bin Laden's presence in their country but that the country should provide access to the three women and any materials they took from the Bin Laden compound after the U.S. raid that killed him. So far Pakistan is refusing to let any U.S. personnel near Bin-Laden's family.
It is commonly believed had second chopper not crashed at the time of the raid the Navy Seals would have taken his wives with them for questioning. Pakistan also alleges that U.S. took one of the Osama's son alive them them, there is no comment on this from Obama's administration.

Washington is pressing Pakistan to make available Osama bin Laden's three widows for interrogation. One of Osama's 29 year wife Amal was shot in the leg and is being treated in Pakistan under tight security. In earlier reports it was rumored that at the time of the raid there was not one but three wives living with him. Today an official from Pakistan said that Yemen is refusing take to take Osama's wife and children back.

"It's my job to take steps that are in the U.S. national interest,'' Donilon told CNN's "State of the Union." "And a relationship with Pakistan, given everything we have at stake in that region, is an important relationship.''

Many in Pakistan are asking for ISI Chief Gen. Kayani's resignation, whereas people of Pakistan are still in shock that Bin-Laden was found in Pakistan, many are angry at the fact that U.S. was able to launch a raid within Pakistan, without Pakistan's permission or knowledge. It is unclear what is making Pakistani's more upset, the fact that Osama was found living in Pakistan or U.S. invading it's no fly zone without any consequences.

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