Monday, May 9, 2011

Identity of Osama's Wives Released

CNN has just confirmed that Osama-Bin-Laden had three wives living them him at the time of the raid in Pakistan.
The name and the identity of his wives are also released by Pakistani officials. Amal-al-Sadar was his youngest wive of Yemeni decent who was shot in the leg by Naby Seals. The two other wives are both Saudi nationals and there names are said to be Khairiah Sabar and  Siham Sabar. It is being reported that his wives are very educated, one had doctorate in Islamic studies while the other one has some kind of maters degree. His fourth wife was not living with him, and she resides in Syria.
United States has been pressuring Pakistan for the access of these women, but so far they have refused. The obvious question that everyone answered is how did they get to Pakistan? Did they have help from Pakistani government? Pakistani officials are also saying that U.S. took one of Bin-Laden's son alive, but U.S. has not commented on this.

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