Tuesday, April 26, 2011

United States gets ready to impose sanctions on Syria

As tanks roll through the city of Dara, United States prepare to impose sanctions on Syria. LA Times is reporting that Obama administration is getting ready to freeze assets of senior Syrian officials who have investment in Europe and U.S. and deny them permission to travel to U.S.  Dara saw the escalation in violence on Monday by the regime. According to some reports more than
500 have died and many injured since the uprising began five weeks ago and there are bodies in the streets. It is also being reported that Assad regime has closed the borders and is not allowing it's people to leave the country. There is no way to verify these reports as foreign reporters are not allowed in the country, but many videos have surfaced from Syria showing the brutality of the regime on unarmed protesters.
         The State Department advised Americans to leave Syria as soon as possible.It ordered some nonessential U.S. Embassy staff and the families of all embassy personnel to leave, but said the embassy would remain open. Syria is already under sanctions imposed under Bush administration. Unlike Libya we have not seen Syrian people asking the world to help or intervene on their behalf. It is also noteworthy that Arab league is silent on Syrian issue.

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