Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pew Research poll on Egypt

The new Pew Research poll on Egypt is out, which polled 1000 Egyptians in face to face interview. The poll showed 79% of  Egyptians have disfavorable view of United States. 39% Egyptians also showed negative opinion about U.S.policies in the Middle East, whereas 54%
  want to end the treaty with Israel.

When asked about the toppling of President Mubarak, 77% of respondents agreed that the toppling of President Hosni Mubarak was a good thing. More than half also said they wanted a democratic government.

But when asked about how the new government would be run, about 62% of  polled  said they want society to strictly follow the Quran.

In another question 31% percent said. "They tend to sympathize with the Islamic fundamentalists in their country. When asked if they were satisfied the way their country country was going 65% showed satisfaction compared to 28% last year.

Many Islamic groups suppressed under Mubarak are now free to operate publicly and plan to contest the September election, including some advocating a militant interpretation of Islam's teachings and the creation of a state run by Islamic law.

The numbers are staggering, United States gives $1.5 billions to Egypt in aid each year but 79% of Egyptians do not have a favorable view of U.S. The reason behind this could be that most of this money probably went to personal coffers of President Mubarak and people of Egypt saw U.S. in the same light as him.

62% Egyptians want strict Quranic laws, meaning Shariah law, which comprises of Quran, Sunnah, (life of Prophet Mohammad) Hadiths (saying of Prophet Mohammad) and last but least fatwa, which is the legal Islamic ruling of a Muslim cleric on the subject where Quran is silent.

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