Saturday, November 12, 2011

Seven People Killed in a Suicide Attack in Kazakhstan

Seven people were killed in a suicide attack in Kazakhstan’s southern city of Taraz, authorities said. The suspect blew himself up as officers moved in to arrest him.
The prosecutor general’s office said in a statement that the killings began in the morning when the suspect opened fire and killed two security service officers who were tailing him.
Authorities said the attacker, identified only as Kariyev, later attacked a weapons store, killing the owner and a customer. He then commandeered a vehicle and shot dead two police officers.
Kariyev subsequently returned to his home, where he picked up a grenade launcher that he then used to fire on a local branch of the Committee for National Security, the successor agency to the KGB.
“As an attempt was made to disarm Kariyev, he blew himself up, which resulted in the death of police captain Baitasov, who led the platoon engaged in the capture,” the statement said.

Source: Washington Post

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  1. He is gone for good. At least it can save taxpayers lot of money for a trial!