Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halal Whisky Goes on Sale

With the festive party season fast approaching, many people will be thinking about how best to avoid suffering the effects of a nasty hangover.
But thanks to one new drink, you need not worry.
Party goers can have as many 'wee drams' as they like following the launch of the world's first alcohol-free Whisky.
Lovers of Scotch may not be lining up to sample the tipple but its makers are hopeful it'll help them crack the non-alcoholic drinks market.
Makers of ArKay, dubbed 'Halal Whisky', say it will be suitable for any party occasion for teetotalers and people who cannot drink alcohol for religious reasons.
The drink - which will be sold in cans for £4 and bottles for £10 - will go on sale worldwide on December 1, just in time for seasonal festivities.
A spokesman for ArKay, which is based in America, said: 'The exceptional taste of whisky without the alcohol content makes it a perfect beverage day or night.

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