Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pakistan Will Not Protect It's own Border

By R. Maryam
Pakistan Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar said Pakistani troops will pull out from Afghan/Pakistan border in reaction to the suspension of $800 million worth of  U.S. militarily aid. This is the same region that is hot bed of terrorism and U.S. continuously kill insurgents with drone attacks.

This once again is an irresponsible statement coming from Pakistani official. Maybe he should pay attention to his own words 'Pak/Afghan border.' This is not U.S./Afhgan border that Pakistan troops are protecting, this is their own border. United States will eventually pull out of Afghanistan and it's only in Pakistan's interest to control the influx of terrorists on that border.

In my opinion Pakistan is the only country in the world that needs to be bribed to protect it's own people. More that 34,000 innocent Pakistan's have died in terror attacks since 2003 and the incompetent, corrupt Army and the government has been unable to keep it's people safe. Pakistan does not have a very small Army, it has 612,000 active troops and it budget is $6.41 billion and ranks 35th in the world. It is a very big Army for it's size. Pakistan Army does not want to fight the real enemy on Pak/Afghan border but it is obsessed with an imaginary enemy called India.

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  1. No more of my $$$$$$$$$$$ to them