Sunday, May 29, 2011

NATO Strike Kills 12 Children In Afghanistan

A Nato air strike has killed 14 people, all civilians, in south-west Afghanistan's Helmand province, local officials say.
The strike took place in Nawzad district after a US Marines base came under attack on Saturday.
The air strike, targeted at insurgents, struck two civilian homes, killing two women and 12 children, reports say.

An investigation was underway Sunday into allegations that a coalition airstrike in southern Afghanistan killed a dozen children and two women, Afghan and NATO officials said.
In a statement, Afghan President Hamid Karzai strongly condemned the airstrike, saying he was warning the U.S military and government "for the last time" on behalf of the Afghan people about civilian deaths. He called the operation a mistake, but offered a different death toll, saying 10 children, two women and two men were killed.

It is very sad that innocent people are dying in these raid. Like Pakistan government, Afghan government is totally incompetent and ineffective in cracking down on insurgents, and in many cases they are even accused of harboring these terrorists. In recent months children as young as 11 have become suicide bombers and killed many people.

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