Friday, April 15, 2011

Is pakistan a Sovereign Country by R Maryam

Pakistan urges US to halt all operations in Pakistan, after CIA operative Raymond Davis' arrest, the relation between the two countries have been  strained. The day after Raymond's release, 40 people were killed in the drone  attack in Wazistan. Anti American sentiment is growing on the streets. People of Pakistan are extremely unhappy and they want US to leave them alone.In a secret meeting btween Pakistani Intellegence chief, Lt. Gen.Ahmed Shuja Pasha urged the CIA Director Leon Panetta to halt the drone attacks on the tribal areas of Pakistan.
It is one thing for Gen. Pasha to make such demands on US and it is absolutely different for Director Panetta to oblige. Talibans are real threat for both US and Pakistan, and so far we have not seen Pakistani government seriously eliminating them. United States Government pays for the services it receives from Pakistan,the cash strapped government of Pakistan cannot take billions of US dollars and claim sovereignty. It's the people of Pakistan who are incited by the Mullah and corrupt politicians to take to the streets of Pakistan, screaming death to America They do no not understand why America has so much power over their country. They are very frustrated and want the same kind of security as the people of America have.  America will defend the security of it's people at all cost. Each government has the obligation to protect it's people and Pakistani government has failed its people on every level.

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