Tuesday, April 12, 2011

France Bans Burqa by R Maryam

France banned burqa, and women wearing it would be first warned and then fined $200. As a result lot woman took to the streets to protest against it. I agree with President Nickolas Sarkozy who said "it's sign of enslavement and it will not be welcome in French Republic." France is hardly alone, many more European countries are now on verge of passing such laws. Syria's Education Ministry has also announced ban on nikab and anyone wearing niqab would not be allowed to register in colleges.I wonder how many of these women wear burqa of their own freewill? In most Islamic countries woman wear burqa or nikab because of the custom of that country and not because it is Islamic, other wise this would be the law in all of Islamic counties. Muslim countries like Turkey and Egypt have already banned burqa.
I fully support the law and hope that many more countries would do so. This is right political climate for Saudi women to protest against burqa, and demand more freedom. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the World that doesn't allow women to drive. All women regardless of their age are required to have a male guardian. King Abdullah would agree to anything to stay in power.

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