Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Woman Stoned To Death In Pakistan

A woman was stoned to death by husband and dozen other men in a village.
Police said they had found the body of Shazia in nearby hills.
“The body was in a bad shape as the woman was first pelted with stones and then fired at,” said Mohammad Tahir, an official at the Rustam police station.
Bairoch village, a remote area sharing the border with Buner district, is extremely backward and its people are known for violence.
He said police teams visited different places to arrest the accused, who were 13 in number. Some of the accused were anti-social elements, he added.
Noor Jehan, mother of the deceased, told police that her daughter was married to Mohammad Saeed. She said her daughter was residing with her in Barikot area of Swat after developing differences with her husband. Two days ago her son-in-law asked her to come to Bairoch to attend a local jirga for settling the dispute. When they visited the village, Saeed and over a dozen other people took hold of Shazia and declared that she would be stoned to death, she said.
Noor Jehan said she saved her life after escaping, but her daughter was killed.

This is not the first time a woman has been stoned to death in Pakistan, this is the part of Shariah law. The government of Pakistan is completely ineffective and cannot enforce law and order. Last week a mother was paraded naked in the streets for the acts of his son. Why is the Shariah law only applicable to women in Pakistan? Why isn't this incident being covered by international media? Where is the human rights commission? This is outrageous that in this time and age such violent acts are still being committed.

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  1. "You are the best of the nations raised up for
    (the benefit of)men: you enjoin what is right and
    forbid the wrong and believe in Allah." (3:llO)