Monday, June 20, 2011

Pakistanis lied to by it's Government

Overseas Pakistani's are left volunerable by the betrayal of Pakistan's leaders. They are facing the question as to whether the Government of Pakistan is totally ignorant and incompetent or they ran the biggest con ever, unfortunately either way it doesn't look good for them. Not only did they lie to United States about the where about of Osama-bin-Laden they also lied to the people of Pakistan and Pakistani living overseas.

In 2003 President Mushariff alleged that he survived 2 terrorists attacks for helping United States, which many are doubting now. It is worth mentioning that he was getting billions for doing nothing in the war on terror. One cannot take way the fact that about 30,000 Pakistani's have died in attacks by Talibans and Al-Qaida, and for that government of Pakistan is solely responsible by leaving it's borders open to Taliban's and Al-Qaida. and letting them roam freely.

According to one report CIA was renting a house not far from Bin-Laden's compound and was monitoring his every move with the help of Pakistanis. Did ISI know about CIA living in Abbotabad? Who were these Pakistanis helping CIA? Wether ISI was aware of Bin-Laden in Pakistan is one question, but question that have many angry in Pakistan is how could United States Helicopters enter in no fly zone without Pakistani's Army finding out.

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