Thursday, May 12, 2011

United States in tough negotiations with Pakistan

United States is in tough negotiations with Pakistan after the Bin-Laden raid, it is reported that U.S. not only want to question all three widows left behind, but also want the documents found at the compound by the Pakistani authorities.
At the time of the raid after the hard landing one of the choppers had to be destroyed by the Navy Seals, now U.S. also wants Pakistan to return that chopper. Pakistan Foreign minister said on Tuesday that Pakistan has not received any formal request from United States. She also said that Bin-Laden family is being treated at the hospital and they are in protective custody.
Pakistani officials are saying that negotiations with United States are only possible if it agrees to share the treasure trove found at Bin-Laden compound at the time of the raid. There are also conflicting reports about one of Osama's son. According to Pakistan's ISI, Navy Seals took him alive with them, where as today U.S. official said that one on Bin-Laden son's has been missing since the time of the raid.
Many in the in U.S. congress are increasingly questioning the sincerity of Pakistan's effort in war on terror.  On Monday Pakistani PM Gilani addressed Parliament in English and essentially pointed finger at United States for bring Talibans to their doors. Today the report came out that Navy Seals were ready to shoot out of their way with Bin-laden on May 2, meaning they would have shot at Pakistan's Military had they intervened in the operation. Pakistan is accused of playing double games, with United States. According to some estimates Pakistan receives $4 billions every year from U.S. for being an ally, but the facts remain that they were harboring the most wanted man in the world.

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