Friday, May 13, 2011

People Of Pakistan Are Suffering as Always

by Sarah
Morale of whole Pakistani nation is down because of the double failure of it's Intelligence services. Time and again ISI has compared itself to CIA and complained that CIA doesn't respect it and withholds information. The question all the Pakistani politicians have dodged is, why was Bin-Laden's presence not known to Pakistan? For over a week now Pakistan has been complaining about the attack on it's sovereignty, how in the world the leaders of that country think that U.S. would trust them, the idea itself is laughable. After receiving $20 billion in aid or handout whatever way you like to call it, the condition of the country has not changed. People are still suffering from wide power outages, inflation, unemployment, suicide attacks etc. Gilani gives a speech in English last week for American consumption still thinking he can fool them. Some one needs to tell him to stop talking, because no one believes anything that comes out of his mouth.
Best of luck to Pakistan and it's people

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