Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pakistan ISI Will Not Share Information With CIA Any More

Pakistan, in protest of US unilateral action against the al Qaeda chief in its territory has broken off relation with CIA.

In the past, Pakistani agents have been credited with helping identify targets for drone strikes and providing data to the CIA on plans being hatched in its tribal areas.

"They are furious. They handed over telephone intercepts in 2009 that were crucial in leading to bin Laden's courier - the key breakthrough in the hunt," said a source briefed on relations between the two countries.

"Then four months ago they were told there was nothing in it, it was what the Americans called a 'cold lead'. Since then they have been left out completely out of the loop."

Pakistan's PM Gilani warned that his government was accountable to an electorate increasingly hostile to the US. “I am not an army dictator, I’m a public figure, if public opinion is against you then I cannot resist it to stand with you. I have to go with public opinion,” talking about U.S. In recent speeches Gilani himself has invoked anti American sentiment by slamming U.S. on drone attacks and keeping the public in dark about the billions it is getting in U.S. aid.

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  1. If the situation wasn't so sad it would be funny, King of terror was living half a mile away from Military academy and ISI didn't SHARE INFORMATION with CIA , now going forward atleast they have started telling the truth. If CIA finds Mullah Omar in Pakistan ISI will be exonerated by 'not sharing the info' bunch of clowns.