Friday, May 20, 2011

More Revelations in Wikileaks About Pakistan

by R Maryam
Most Pakistanis probably already know that United States can not keep violating the sovereignty of Pakistan without the Pakistan's consent, as it was reveled in Wikileaks today.
More than 34,000 Pakistanis have died since 2003, in terror attacks while leaders like PM Gilani and President Zardari are not only corrupt but are also incompetent and cannot protect their own people. On many occasions Gilani gave stern speeches about U.S. and most of them start and end with telling the people of Pakistan "our sovereignty is under attack, and I will do my best to protect this great Nation.'

Pakistan was under a lot of pressure under Bush era, to join the war on terror. After Pakistan looked at all the options and decided to join U.S. the honest thing would have been to take the people of Pakistan in confidence and tell them, how this alliance would improve their lives. The reason to keep people in dark was that, leaders were planning on absconding these dollars themselves and nothing changed for the people of Pakistan. On top of that the same leaders flared the anti American sentiment to maximum.

My issue with Pakistani Army and government is that they have played double games with everyone.

Here are some of the examples.

While ISI harbored Osama for years in the garrison town of Abbottabad, but they kept telling the world that they were looking for him, the reason seems to be that if Osama was killed then U.S. might pull out of the region and thus the end of U.S. dollars which are now pouring in.

Now we know Pakistani officials asked for more drone attacks according to Wikileaks but publicly kept condemning U.S. for it and stroked anti American sentiment. This also to tell America that public opinion is against this but we are still doing you a favor.

Let's not forget $20 billions in U.S. aid to Pakistan which was to be spent on war on terror but instead was spent on fourth nuclear facility. While leaders of Pakistan visited U.S with begging bowl in hand, the money received either went to their own personal accounts or on fourth nuclear facility.

In April it was reported that Pakistan was telling Karzi to drop U.S. and look to them and China, while they were getting $1.5 billion a year in aid from U.S.

ISI support of Haqqani group is another sticking point, according to many analyst Haqqani group is not simply getting support from Pakistan but it is also getting money from it. Haqqani is group is responsible for killing many Nato troops in Afghanistan.

The visit of PM Gilani to China is another example of cheap politics, this is to show United States that we have another "best friend and brother'. When U.S. actually wants answers on Bin-Laden's presence in Pakistan, the reply is in 'all weathered friend' in China, who will support Pakistan unconditionally.

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