Thursday, May 5, 2011

ISI claims U.S. took one person alive after the raid in Pakistan

ISI official told BBC, The Americans took away one person still alive, possibly Bin Laden son. The official said it was thought the Americans wanted to take away the surviving women and children but had to abandon the plan when one of the helicopters malfunctioned.

United States has not admitted on anyone it captured, other than saying it had taken Bin Laden's body for DNA testing and burial. So far there is no comment from Washington.

Inter-Service Intelligence, is widely criticized and internationally humiliated for harboring Osama-Bin-Laden or lack of knowledge him living 30 miles of Pakistan's capital. ISI is a very powerful agency and many consider it State with in a State.

It is quite possible that ISI is trying to stir up the controversy about U.S. raid in Abbotabad, Pakistan.

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