Monday, May 2, 2011

As World celebrates the death Osama, it brings shame to Pakistan

The evil spirit that visited New York on 9/11 was finally killed today. The man who gave fatwa to kill Americans, was killed by brave Americans in uniform.
Osama-Bin-Laden killed almost 3000 on 9/11, in United States. In another attack on USS Cole he kiled 17 sailors and injured 39. His other significant attack was on embassies in Africa.

United States has given billions of dollars to Pakistan in hope for it's cooperation in finding Bin-Laden. Since 2005 U.S. has been accusing Pakistan for hosting Osama, but the leader of Pakistan are on record denying his presence in their country.

President Musharif 2005-2007
Musharif lashed out when President Karzi accused Pakistan for giving safe haven to Osama and Mulla Omar, he said he (Karzi) was irresponsible in his accusations.
He also said to the reporters "do they have proof that he is in Pakistan,"when asked about the allegations of United States. In 2007 he came down heavily on the western media again, Musharraf said: "The Western media was undermining what [we] are doing. Your media keeps criticizing the army and the ISI -- not understanding what their real contribution is to fighting terrorism."

President Zardari 2009
 "I've said before that he (Osama) -- I don't think he's alive," Zardari told NBC news channel in an interview when asked "where is Osama bin Laden?"
"I have a strong feeling and I have sole reason to believe that, because I've asked my counterparts in the American intelligence agencies and they haven't heard (from) him since seven years," he said

 Prime Minister Gilani 2009
Gilani, who was pressed by then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in December 2009 to act against bin Laden, had said that his country had not received any credible intelligence on the whereabouts of the (al Qaeda) terror network's leaders.
"I doubt the information which you are giving is correct because I don't think Osama bin Laden is in Pakistan," he had said.

ISI General Kayani 2011
"The terrorist backbone has been broken and Inshaallah (God willing) we will soon prevail," Kayani said in his address at a passing out parade at the Pakistan Military Academy at Kakul on April 23 in Khyber-
Pakhtunkhwa province.
Osama-Bin-Laden was not killed in some remote lawless tribal area nor was he not killed in some cave of Waziristan  but he was killed thirty miles from the Capital city of Islamabad, in 1 million dollar mansion built for him 5 years ago. Many years ago there was a reports suggesting Osama was taken to Combined Military Hospital for kidney dialysis near Islamabad, which was shot down by Pakistani's at the time.

Pakistani leader from Musharif to Gen. Kayani were caught flat footed when the U.S. troops went over the country's border, without informing the government and killed him in the Army's back yard.
No intelligent person would believe that Pakistan did not know that Osama was living 800 yards away from Military Academy in Pakistan. Say for instant we believe them, then what does that say about Pakistan's Army and ISI: that they are extremely incompetent  and unaware of who lives their country. In that case how can they protect the people of Pakistan? Pakistani people have also been target of terrorist attacks, over 30,000 Pakistani have died since Pakistan opened it's borders to Talibans and Al-Qaida. Either way as the World celebrates the death of this monster, it bring a day of shame to Pakistan.
Today Musharif again lashed out by saying U.S. should have informed Pakistan before raiding the compound, they could tip Osama about the raid.

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