Saturday, April 30, 2011

Imam Calls for Crescent Moon Symbol to the Russian Emblem by R Maryam

In an interview with a leading Russian newspaper, head of the Central Spiritual Association of Muslims of Russia, Imam Talgat Tadzhuddin called to add the crescent moon symbol to the Russian Emblem.

Tadzhuddin said, “We are asking for one of the heads (of the Russian state emblem, a double-headed eagle) to be topped with a crescent moon and the other to be topped with a Russian Orthodox cross. All the crowns on the coat of arms -- two on the heads of eagles and one above the middle -- are topped by crosses. Russia has 20 million Muslims. That is 18 percent of the population.

 “According to this logic,” Georgiy Vilinbakhov, head of Russia’s Heraldry Service argued, “we must change the name of Russia, put a green stripe on or flag and move the capital city from Moscow to somewhere on the border between Europe and Asia.”

At a time when there are on going tensions in the Middle East and North Africa, call like could incite the Muslim youth of Russia. Russia has fought two wars in Chechnya that have left Islamic community in a very fragile state. In recent years there have been many suicide bombings in Russia, earlier this year in a terrorist attack on the Russian capital's Domodedovo airport left at least 35 dead and more than 100 injured.
To date the list of countries where Muslims are dying at the hands of their own brutal dictators are Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Oman and Jordan. Imam's Mullahs, Mufti's etc. need to be responsible and show restrain. Attention of the entire world is on the Muslims instead of calls for peace we see one more instance where there is potential of Jihadi emergence.

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